What Boameooo.com is About:

Boameooo is a Pan African platform that offers smart cloud-based software tools and services for entrepreneurs and small, medium or large businesses to seek investments, grow their customer base and maximize revenue.

“Boame” is a twi word that means “Help Me”. “Boameooo” stresses on how urgently one needs help. Boameooo.com is here to offer you the assistance required to work effectively and efficiently with our innovative web-based products tailored to your needs.


Boameooo.com currently has two products on the market - Knowledge Service and Publication Service - with more to follow in the coming months.

Knowledge Service:

Our Knowledge Service enables highly skilled working or retired professionals such as Professors, Doctors or Accountants to offer their services as Knowledge Service Providers(KSP) to Knowledge Seekers (KS). KSPs decide when to work and what to charge for their services.

>> Click the link for Knowledge Service full details

Publication Service:

Boameooo Publication offers our users the platform to publish Business Articles, Personal Blogs, Scientific Papers etc. The platform gives users the ability to publish in Text, Audio and Video formats.

>> Click the link for Publication Service full details

The Value of Boameooo.com:

BOAMEOOO.COM brings users together to help and be helped.

Boameooo.com is committed to empowering everyone to earn an income by providing or receiving services irrespective of age, gender, economic status or geography.

Boameooo.com is motivated by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 1: No Poverty.