Take advantage of this opportunity to become self employed. With Boameooo Knowledge Service you can market your professional skills and earn an income by becoming a Knowledge Service Provider (KSP).

This user friendly platform helps Knowledge Seekers (KS) receive assistance from suitable Knowledge Service Providers (KSP) in areas such as exam preparation, extra classes, piano practice or even swimming lessons.

Who Is A Knowledge Seeker (KS)?

A Knowledge Seeker (KS) is any person who wants to acquire or improve on a skill, learn a trade or enhance his/her understanding of a subject through coaching or training from a Knowledge Service Provider (KSP).

You can learn a new skill or subject regardless of your age, profession or geography.To become a KS, simply Sign Up and begin searching through our database of competent KSPs.

Who Is A Knowledge Service Provider (KSP)?

A Knowledge Service Provider (KSP) assists a Knowledge Seeker (KS) to acquire knowledge about a subject or receive training to develop a skill. The KSP can be a practicing or retired High School Teacher, University Lecturer, Corporate Mentor, a retired professional or even a Sports Coach.

Become a KSP today to help KSs and earn an income at your own pace. Simply create a free account and submit the required Information by clicking Here


  • Register for free with Boameooo.com
  • Click on Request a Knowledge Service Provider to request assistance for any subject or skill
  • View Available Knowledge Service Providers by City and Course
  • View Details of selected Knowledge Service Providers (Name, Location, Qualification, Price Per Course and Verification Status)
  • Book to contact your selected KSP for their Services.
  • We highly recommend that you view as many profiles as possible and verify if the KSPs have references in order to improve your chances of selecting a suitable KSP.
  • We also encourage you to contact KSPs before making your final choice. You are at liberty to use our free online messaging portal to communicate with KSPs.

  • Register for free with Boameooo.com
  • After registering and verifying your email you will be redirected to your account to update your profile with your availability, years of service, work locations and a brief description of yourself.
  • The following information is required of KSP before they are approved and listed on the website (My KSP Details):
    • At least One Course or Skill they want to offer
    • Highest Qualification Attained (Qualifications)
    • One Reference (Referees)
    • Approved Government Issued Photo ID (My KSP Details)
  • You can begin as soon as you provide all the required information and documents. Your name (profile) will be visible for a KS whose requirements for a KSP match with your profile on Boameooo.com.
  • As a KSP, you can charge your own Rates for every course or skill you offer and set your desired availability. Do set rates that are competitive to stand out amongst other KSPs.
  • Subscribe to get listed as a Featured KSP. This will increase your chances of being selected by a KS. Do not limit yourself to only displaying your profile on the website. Access the list of KS Requests.
  • We encourage all potential KSPs to provide accurate and complete details requested to increase their chances of being selected by a KS.

NB: A Knowledge Service Provider’s profile remains inactive if he/she fails to provide all required information and documents requested. After a one week grace period the profile will be rejected.

Boameooo Knowledge Service offers users access to a database of professional skills or know-how and the opportunity to earn an income.