Boameooo is a Pan African and Pan African Diaspora business platform. We offer the following solutions services:

InvestorPreneur - Entrepreneurs seeks investors to fund their projects, businesses and ideas.

Biz4sales - Marketplace to sell your business or buy a one.

Jobs - Connect people seeking jobs to vacancy opportunities in the job market.

Knowledge - Find a private home tutor or commercial institutions for your courses, trainings, homework, exam preparation, skills acquisition, etc.

Publication - Free platform to publish any article, video, blogs, press releases, papers, etc.

Directories - Listed profile of businesses in detail, search to get business information.

Knowledge Consulting - Assist, which Knowledge and Skills path might be best for you.

“Boame” is a Ghanaian language Twi word that means “Help Me”. “Boameooo” stresses on how urgently one needs help.

Are you in need of Investors or looking for Investments?

Do you want to sell your Business or buy one?

Do you need a Job or have a vacancy position open?

Do you need assistance with your homework, career training, exam preparation, any educational needs?

Boameooo.com will help you. We build it to help you.


Boameooo InvestorPreneur is a marketplace, where Entrepreneurs looking for Investors, can post their investment request and Boameooo provide these requests to Investors, who then decides if to fund your project, business or idea.

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Boameooo Biz4Sales is a marketplace, where you sell your business or buy one.

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Marketplace for Job Seekers to find available jobs posted by Job Providers.

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Knowledge Service:

Search and find private home tutor, we also call them, Knowledge Service Providers(KSP) to

- assist your kids with their homework, exam preparation, swimming or play piano.

- help you with academic or career work.

Search to also find commercial providers of trainings, courses, etc.

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Publication Service:

Boameooo Publication offers our users the platform to publish Business Articles, Personal Blogs, Scientific Papers, Press Releases etc. The platform gives users the ability to publish in Text, Audio and Video formats.

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Listings of Businesses and Companies with detailed information on services and products their offer.

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We assist in advising you, which Knowledge and Skills path might be best for you.

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The Value of Boameooo.com:

BOAMEOOO.COM brings users together to help and be helped.

Boameooo.com is committed to empowering everyone to earn an income by providing or receiving services irrespective of age, gender, economic status or geography.

Boameooo.com is motivated by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 1: No Poverty.