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Who Is A Knowledge Service Provider (KSP)?

Become self employed, private home tutor, at Boameooo we also call them Knowledge Service Provider (KSP).

Market your professional skills and / or know-how and earn an income by becoming a Knowledge Service Provider (KSP).

Simply create a free account and submit the required Information by clicking Here

Who Is A Knowledge Seeker (KS)?

Also if your are student, which at Boameooo we refer to as Knowledge Seekers (KS) and you are looking for private home tutor to assist you learn a skill or know-how or you looking for a commercial institution to pursue a course, training, search and select tutor or institution of your choice.

A Knowledge Seekers (KS) are students, pupils, career professionals, sports personality, just about anyone looking for assistance to learn anything or be educated on any matter.

You can learn a new skill or subject regardless of your age, profession or geography. Simply Sign Up and begin searching through our database of competent KSPs or institution to assist you.


  • Register for free with
  • Click on Request a Knowledge Service Provider to request assistance for any subject or skill
  • View Available Knowledge Service Providers by City and Course
  • View Details of selected Knowledge Service Providers (Name, Location, Qualification, Price Per Course and Verification Status)
  • Book to contact your selected KSP for their Services.
  • We highly recommend that you view as many profiles as possible and verify if the KSPs have references in order to improve your chances of selecting a suitable KSP.
  • We also encourage you to contact KSPs before making your final choice. You are at liberty to use our free online messaging portal to communicate with KSPs.

  • Register for free with
  • After registering and verifying your email you will be redirected to your account to update your profile with your availability, years of service, work locations and a brief description of yourself.
  • The following information is required of KSP before they are approved and listed on the website (My KSP Details):
    • At least One Course or Skill they want to offer
    • Highest Qualification Attained (Qualifications)
    • One Reference (Referees)
    • Approved Government Issued Photo ID (My KSP Details)
  • You can begin as soon as you provide all the required information and documents. Your name (profile) will be visible for a KS whose requirements for a KSP match with your profile on
  • As a KSP, you can charge your own Rates for every course or skill you offer and set your desired availability. Do set rates that are competitive to stand out amongst other KSPs.
  • Subscribe to get listed as a Featured KSP. This will increase your chances of being selected by a KS. Do not limit yourself to only displaying your profile on the website. Access the list of KS Requests.
  • We encourage all potential KSPs to provide accurate and complete details requested to increase their chances of being selected by a KS.

NB: A Knowledge Service Provider’s profile remains inactive if he/she fails to provide all required information and documents requested. After a one week grace period the profile will be rejected.

Boameooo Knowledge Service offers users access to a database of professional skills or know-how and the opportunity to earn an income.