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I am a bilingual who is passionate about the teaching and learning of English and French. I look forward to meeting and helping people gain proficiency in written and spoken English and French

  • Tema

I am an open minded individual interested in teaching and learning new things

  • Tema

I am a young engineer who is well versed in the area of IT and Math

  • Tema

I am a BSc Administration (Accounting) First Degree holder from Pentecost University College and also completed MBA in Accounting and Taxation at Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) awaiting my certificate. I have also ...

Lambert is a very enthusiastic tutor. With over 3years of teaching experience backed with well tested and proven methodology and patience in delivering, my students expect nothing but the best of result after every single lesson.

  • Tema

Let's meet and learn

  • Tema

I'm a creative individual, poet, writer, and personal developmentment consultant who uses words, stories and imageries to make concepts simple to understand. My passion is to impart knowledge through idea sharing and interaction. I'm very dive...

  • Tema

Studied Russian Language for five years at the University of Ghana, including a one year language proficiency abroad at the Pushkin State Institute of Russian Language,Moscow,Russia. I am currently working as a Russian Interpreter and Crew Mana...

  • Tema

I am a 25 year old lady who has a background in law and international Relations. I’m currently pursuing a Masters Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. I love to read, research and write in my leisure time.

  • Tema

Am a software developer with a quiet number of experience but i love mathematics, i study maths when i want release some stress after a hard day of developing.